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Version Big-Fi - Know Your History

Collected singles re-mastered, re-packeaged and re-flogged.

Big thanks to Marcia Griffiths, Althea & Donna, Jah Screechy, Kidus I, New Order, Felix Dexter, Tilly, Little Anthony, Tapper Zukie, Feral, Lord Buckley, Zareb & Squeechie, Mikkim and Rockin' GT without whom...

Dedicated to Grant.

  Version Big-Fi Know Your History

Track Listing
01. Up Town Top Banking
02. Meets Jah Screechy Walk & Skank
03. Meets Kiddus I in No Salvation Until
04. Meets New Order Blue Monday
05. I Make The Hits
06. Nuff Buggeration (Ft. Pablo Conscious)
07. Nothing Dub
08. Meets Little Anthony Out Of My Head
09. Meets Tapper Zukie Revolution
10. Meets Feral D’Skasting
11. Hands Up
12. Hip Gahn Drop (Ft. Lord Buckley)
13. Guns Of Kingston (Version Big-Fi Mix)

Catalogue No: DUBTREC-020
Release Date : March-03-2014


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